Payment Information

Tuition is based on a 32 week curriculum divided by 9 monthly payments. Monthly tuition varies depending on each dancers goals and abilities. When adding classes a-la-carte, tuition is based on the number of hours your dancer is in class. Each 45 min/hour-long class is $65 per month and each 1.5 hour class is $80 per month. Dancers taking multiple hours will receive discounts for each additional hour they take. Our special programs have varying tuition rates depending on the level, program, and number of studio hours.

There is a once per year registration fee of $35 for single dancers or $45 family registration for more than one dancer in a family.

Sorry there are no refunds on registration or tuition. If you wish to withdraw from classes, please submit in writing at least 15 days prior of your desire to withdraw from classes. Failure to provide ample notice may result in your account being charged.

There are some months where there are more class meetings and there are some when there are less, your tuition amount stays the same, because it is based on the 32 week curriculum and not by how many times a class meets in a month.


To ease the billing process, our state-of-the-art secure and easy online system saves your credit card on file so that we can automatically bill your tuition. We do require that all our families be on our autopay system unless there is an extenuating circumstance and the owner has approved another form of payment.

Autopayments will be deducted on the 5th of every month. There is a late fee of $30 if payments are not received by the 10th of the month. There is a $30 fee assessed for any returned checks.

Accounts that are more than 30 days late on payment of tuition will be suspended until the outstanding balance is paid, meaning that dancers will not be allowed to take class until their tuition is paid.

We understand that things happen, and are more than happy to sit down with you if circumstances arise and you need an alternative payment plan.


Students should arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to their class time. There are no refunds given for any missed classes.  If a dancer misses a class, the dancer may make up the class in an equal to or lower level class than the level the dancer is currently enrolled in.

All classes begin with a proper warm up, students who arrive late may miss this warm up and risk getting injured. Because of this risk, dancers who are late may be asked to watch class instead of participate.


Emotions Dance Studio follows the Seminole County School District Calendar. We start one week after school begins to give students time to adjust to their sleep, daytime and after school schedules and then we begin the following week. We also finish our school year at a similar time as Seminole County to ensure that dancers have some vacation. We begin our summer intensives in June.

Dress Code

It is important for discipline and structure for each class to have a dress code. Dress code allows instructors to see dancer placement and alignment correctly, while also allowing dancers to get the most out of class. See our full dress code description here. The last week of the month is “Wear What You Want Week” where dancers are allowed to wear their colored leotards and leggings.

Teachers & Assistants

Emotions Dance Studio takes great pride in the professionalism and education level of our teachers. Most of our instructors have degrees in dance and have also taken classes in psychology and education to help bring the most into the classroom. Many of our teachers are current or former professional dancers in local and national companies, including Emotions Dance Company.

In some of our larger classes, teaching assistants may be used. These assistants are selected based on an application and interview and are part of our level IV classes usually. Teacher assistants are used to help demonstrate, help keep class running smoothly and to also gain knowledge and experience from our educated, professional teachers.

Placement Classes

All dancers wishing to enroll in any level I, II, III or IV class will need to take a placement class for the selected discipline. Our classes are not tailored to age, but to ability level, and at times, dancers may be in different levels. This allows Emotions Dance Studio to create a customizable experience for each dancer that will help them get the most out of each class. Placement classes are held during registration week and throughout the year for any dancer that enrolls late. Dancers may also be asked to move to a different level during the year as decided by their instructor.


All dancers in all levels will receive evaluations on their technique, ability, and behavior in class in December before holiday break and at the end of the year. This helps the dancer and parent focus on areas that are challenging as well as to see improvement. These evaluations will also help determine whether a dancer is ready for a different level.


Students who are disruptive in class may be asked to sit out of class for a period of time. If this happens, the student is not eligible to make up the class.

Repeated discipline issues will result in a meeting with the student, parent, teacher and studio owner.

If you need a parent/teacher conference, please call ahead to schedule. Unfortunately there is not enough time in between classes to talk with the teachers/owner extensively about any issues or concerns.


Emotions Dance Studio hosts an annual recital at the end of our school year to showcase what dancers have learned and experienced throughout the year.  Emotions Dance Studio also offers additional performances throughout the year in the form of festivals, events, and local performances. We also host a special Parent Observation Week right before we break for the holidays, where classes showcase their talents with a holiday flare!

Dancers in special programs like our Competition, Pre-Professional, or EDC II programs will also have additional performances throughout the year.

All students are encouraged to participate in the end of the year recital as this helps with dancers artistry, stage presence, team work and performance skills. Dancers with substantial absences in March, April and May may not be in the sections of their recital dance that were taught when they missed.

Recital costume packages are set up to help families pay for recital throughout the first half of the year. All recital costume packages include the costume, tights, and a commemorative t-shirt and can be paid for in full or in monthly payments. Full payment is due Feb 15.

Medical Issues

Any dancer who has any medical concern or condition needs to have a note in writing from a physician that will stay on file.

The Studio

Our state-of-the-art facility has sprung floors which help prevent injuries to dancers. Professional mirrors, barres, and sound system. Plus our large studio has the ability to turn into a “mini theatre” where we often hold performances. We have three large studio rooms for all class sizes. The studio also has two large dressing rooms, a homework room where students can study and do their homework in between classes, and we also have a resident physical therapist and massage therapist that are in the studio weekly to provide injury assessments and recommendations as needed.

For the safety of all those at Emotions Dance Studio, we ask that there be no unattended children at the studio at any time. Children who are not in class need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please arrive on time for pick up of your child before class ends. There will be a $20 fee charged per half hour after class has ended assessed to accounts if teachers/owner has to stay late (unless extenuating circumstance that was already cleared with studio owner).

Please note that Emotions Dance Studio is not responsible for your child before or after dance class nor for any student outside of the studio on studio property without a parent or guardian supervision.

No child will be allowed to leave the studio with any other parent or individual unless written notice has been given to the front desk or owner. This is for the safety of your children.

Please check our website and Facebook for up to date information on any class cancellations due to weather.