Dance Concert Info

We are so excited for our second annual dance showcase, “Create & Inspire”. Below is everything you need to know about the concert.

Emotions Dance Studio Presents “Create & Inspire” 2017

2nd Annual Dance Showcase

Welcome to the 2017 EDS Dance Showcase Packet! Included in these next few pages is everything you could possibly need to know in order to be fully prepared for our Showcase in May. Please read through this carefully as it is very detailed. If you have any questions please contact Miss Larissa.


Date & Location

For our second year we will be holding our 2017 Dance Showcase at The Abbey (100 S Eola Dr. Orlando, FL 32801) Studio on Sunday May 21, 2017 at 4pm.

Ticket information will also be available soon.


Participation in the 2017 Dance Showcase is mandatory. We want our students here at EDS to get the most out of their dance training and we feel performance experience is a crucial part of their education. If you cannot participate in the Dance Showcase this year due to an uncontrollable circumstance please see Miss Larissa.

Tech Rehearsal

As with any professional performance, a tech rehearsal is necessary to get all of the kinks out, practice blocking, rehearse quick changes, and set lights. Our tech rehearsal will be on Sunday May 21, 2017 from 1-3:30pm.

Dancers should expect to be in full hair, make-up, and costumes for the tech rehearsal and then will be ready for the Showcase following!


Dance Concert Fee

Every EDS student participating in the 2017 Dance Showcase is required to pay an $80 Dance Showcase Fee. This fee covers the facility, paying our faculty, and includes 1 pair of tights and 1 Dance Showcase 2017 tshirt.



All dancers in our Dance Babe and Intro classes will have a full fun costume for the Dance Showcase. To help cut down on costs, our Level 1-4 classes will all use their EDS leotard as a “base” and then a costume will be created using accessories, shorts, pants, skirts etc. This will also cut down the time it takes for dancers in multiple showcase dances to change into their next outfit.

Teachers will be measuring students for costumes during their class times.

Tickets, DVDs, Pictures, Flowers, Extra T-shirts, Etc.

An information packet and order form will be handed out prior to Winter Break. These will all be optional items to purchase. This payment will be due March 17th.



If you turn in your Dance Showcase Registration Form prior to Winter Break you are eligible for our Dance Showcase Payment Plan. This will split your Dance Showcase Fees and Costume Fees into 3 equal payments. These payments will charge to your card on file automatically on the days listed below.

1st Payment – December 15 (or any day prior)

2nd Payment – January 12

3rd Payment – February 9

Ticket, DVDs Pictures, Flowers, Extra T-shirts (optional) – March 17th

All Dance Showcase Fees and Costume Fees MUST be paid in full by February 15th or your dancer will not be able to participate.